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Modern Art & Metaphysics || The True Nature of Things

Modern Classic | Modern Advanced | High Art Painter ||  Matthew Zedler 
Being from a European family (German || Swiss || French), I came into this world surrounded by people with great passions (and as well careers) in the fine arts. Given this family surrounding, I was able to discover the importance of movements like the "Bauhaus" and other modern and metaphysical art theory early on. I am passionate about working from and evolving these wonderful art theories and equally creating brand new art forms.
Note to Viewers:  As you peruse some of my artwork today, please keep in mind that this site is but a snapshot of the over 3,000 paintings and sketches completed since the late 1990's. On this site, you will see an immensely wide range in both style and artistic execution. I have studied and worked across many modern art forms over the past two decades. More than anything else, it is my desire to show within these few pages an innate ability to devise, extract, and create; - virtually anything I visualize in my mind.
Modern || Modern Advanced || Contemporary  || Art & Painting
  • Linear-Geometric Composition
  • Linear-Geometric Abstraction
  • Color Field Painting (Classic)
  • Linear-Geometric Advanced Color Fields
  • Abstract Expressive
  • Surrealism
  • Fauvism
  • Cubism
Biological || Science Based Composition || Bio-Abstraction
The Creation of Multiple New Modern Art Forms

Mentoring || Formal Training || Special Skill Set
  • 30+ years of hands-on mentoring || Guidance from a lifetime "European Master Painter & Artist"
  • 10+ Years of Bauhaus || Montmartre & Montparnasse || 1950's New York School Theoretical Art Study
  • 10,000+ Studio Work Hours
  • Over 60 Shows || Installations
  • Over 3,000 Finished Works || Paintings || Drawings || Sketches
  • 12 (+) Ongoing Uniquely Different Series Works
  • Academic Training from: U.W. || U.T. || Arrowmont School of Arts
  • Youth Academic Training || Competition || 3D Art Awards
  • Cerebrals Society Level I.Q. (141-150+)
  • Whole Brained Complex Intellectual Thinker

Matt Zedler
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